Salad with chicken liver and spicy dressing

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A nice salad, without mayonnaise, nourishing, with a refreshing taste. I sometimes it replaces dinner - a hearty and easy. I know that many do not like chicken liver for her taste, but I'm sure if properly boiled, you will change your attitude to it! For the idea thanks Stella.

Ingredients for Salad with chicken liver and spicy dressing

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad with chicken liver and spicy dressing

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How to cook liver salad
remove from the liver of the film are cleaned from fat.
In a saucepan, pour water, add 1 cloves, 1 stalk of celery, a few circles of carrot and bring to a boil.
Drop liver into boiling water, bring to a boil and remove the fire so that the water trembled, not boiling, the liver cook for 10 minutes.
Turn off the heat and leave to cool.

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Cut onion finely dice, carrot cut into strips, fry in 1 tbsp of vegetable oil.

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The sauce in the sour cream add soy sauce, pepper, squeeze the garlic, mix and adjust for salt.

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Need or bowl for 500 ml or two bowl - made portions.
Liver three on a large grater and spread on kremanku.
Lay of the sauce and evenly distributed in the liver.

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Next layer carrots with onion. Spread and level.

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The next layer - egg grate on a coarse grater, put part of the sauce, level.

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The next layer - diced pickles.
Spread the remains of the sauce, even.

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And the last layer is green beans.
Put the salad to cool for an hour or two in the fridge.