Watermelon heart

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This carved watermelon can serve as a great gift, and can decorate the most elegant holiday table.

Ingredients for Watermelon heart

Step by step instruction of cooking Watermelon heart

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1. Take the watermelon

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2. Make a heart pattern
3. Clean the peel around the perimeter of the figure

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4. The proposed middle of the flower

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5. Cut out the flesh around the middle of the flower

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6. Start to cut the Bud. At a right angle with a knife cut the first petal

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7. Cut the flesh from under the petals and begin cutting the second petal under the first one. And continue until complete filling of the Bud petals.

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8. Now go to the cut flower. Apply the same technique to fill in petals with all my heart

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9. Allocated heart

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10. Heart make out the surface of the watermelon according to your taste

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