Breakfast for the lazy

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Ingredients: lavash - 4 pieces-round (can be cut from plain) egg - 3 pieces Sol pepper sausage - 100 gr. cheese - 120 gr. tomato - 1 butter - 10 gr. How to prepare: frying Pan with a thick bottom butter. Eggs add salt and pepper to taste, stir. Pour half of the eggs into the pan. Put the first pita bread, top with sausage and grated cheese, then again, pita bread, tomato and cheese. The following pita bread, sausage, cheese and cover it with the fourth pita. Remaining egg spread on top of the pita, cover with a lid and place on the stove on low heat. After five minutes, flip and again cover cook for another five minutes. Breakfast is ready. Bon appetit.

Ingredients for Breakfast for the lazy

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