Cherry confiture with melon

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Jam is not just a way to preserve the harvest of fruits and berries. If you show a little imagination, you can get a delicious treat. I want to offer you an unusual recipe, very tasty and flavorful jam, cherry and melon. Its appearance also will not leave anyone indifferent. Once upon a time with this recipe was the beginning of my personal journey into the sweet world of jams and preserves. The recipe comes from an old German magazine, and today I'm excited to share them with you. Cooking time is 5-7 minutes. The time to prepare the berries in the recipe is not included.

Ingredients for Cherry confiture with melon

Step by step instruction of cooking Cherry confiture with melon

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We need the right pot: heavy bottom and high sides enameled or aluminum cannot be used.
Prepare the cherries: berries go, wash, dry and remove pits.
Put the cherries in a saucepan.

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Melon clean off the crust and cut very thin translucent slices. For jam it is better to choose a small hard melon.

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Mix the cherries with melon, add spices and add sugar. Leave to infuse under cover for two or three hours or overnight. During this time the berries let the juice and all the sugar they are soaked. For best results, you a couple of times gently to mix the contents of the pan. Also, we need a bit of spirits: cognac, liqueur, vodka... Have I found the cherry balm.

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If I open the lid of the pan, you felt a terrific flavor, I saw that almost all the sugar is dissolved and berries, swimming in syrup – so, it's time to put the pan on the fire.
Then everything will happen very quickly, so you need to prepare in advance. A few cans wash with baking soda and sterilized metal lids to boil. Also it's got to be a pot of boiling water.
Cook the berries over high heat for 5-7 minutes. Cooking time shown for one kilogram of berries, if you change the number, then the time will be different. In the pan rises high foam, and jam all the time to stir. At the same time pour boiling water into our jars, which is then drained immediately prior to filling jars with jam.
At the end of cooking remove the pan from the heat, pour 2-3 tablespoons of alcohol and mix. Immediately pour jam into prepared jars and close the lids. Leave to cool. Wrap and flip the jars is not necessary. I got three jars 0,425 ml.

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Here is a jam with a bright cherry-melon flavour and aroma, with a translucent and slightly crisp slices of melons. Due to the fact that we cooked it just a few minutes, the jam preserved the natural taste and aroma, slightly underlined with cinnamon and star anise.