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Snow house

Snow house

28th at my grandchildren-twins birthday, a house for the granddaughter, it is necessary than to surprise)))) did a 2 day, but for the joy of granddaughters need to work hard. The house is made of gingerbread dough.

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Ingredients for Snow house

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Snow house

Step 1

Put in a saucepan the honey,sah.sand,oil put on the fire,stirring occasionally,heat until until Mar.sand does not dissolve.Remove the pan from the heat.Transfer to a large bowl and allow to cool completely.

Step 2

Sift flour,add cocoa,gingerbread mix I had,instead, put on the floor.h.l cinnamon and cloves,lemon zest

Step 3

Add in the honey mass the cooled egg mixture and mocny(cocoa ....)Thoroughly knead the dough with a mixer on medium speed

Step 4

Stir in a Cup of soda with rum or water,I added coffee instead of rum flavoring.When the baking soda is fully dissolved add to the mixture.Again knead the dough until it no longer sticks to the mixer.If the dough is too soft and sticky,add flour to make it thick and elastic.I did not add it.

Step 5

Remove from the bowl the dough,give it a ball shape and wrap in transparent film.Put the dough in the fridge for at least 4 hours and preferably overnight.What I did was left until morning.

Step 6

For stencils of the roof,side walls and Gables cut paper or cardboard,prepare for baking in advance.Roll the dough portions with a thickness of 5 mm,impose a stencil and cut out.Bake on a baking sheet covered with paper.

Step 7

Heat the oven to t= 180 ° C ,bake for 20 minutes.Cut Windows, doors, even on the warm cake

Step 8

The bottom of the house made meringue,slightly dried in the oven,put on a tray and top mounted cabin.
Sah.powder mix with lemon juice,stir until a viscous mass.And grease the sides,all the parts to "build"the house"and leave it until morning to dry

Step 9

Now decorate with the protein coating.
To do this, in a Cup, pour 100g of water,add 200g. sah.the sand and cook,do not stir after boiling to give more (on low heat) to writing a rolling boil 30 min.It turns out like glue.
During this time whisk the whites in a solid foam,and pour the syrup is not boiling,but hot.And the mass to paint a house(with snow)
Again leave until the morning give dry.

Step 10

Well, after getting to decorate how imagination and what we have to do this.