Eggs for vegan

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The idea is not new, just want to share my version of "Faberge egg". Happy New Year!

Ingredients for Eggs for vegan

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs for vegan

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This "molds" - large eggs gently pinned with a blunt end, pour the contents, wash and dry.

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Put our molds in the tray and begin to fill in: dill, a couple of grains of corn, a few peas, a little rice, mushrooms, long green onions feather.

Vegetable broth bring to a boil, add gelatin (amount according to instructions, and better a half times more). Hot broth gently pour the eggs and bring to the cold.
They cleaned like a normal boiled egg - without dipping in hot water. And the rest of the broth turns an ordinary jelly - like on the last picture.

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From the remnants of the broth - this plate is very helped, when the 31st came the day visit :)