Shrimp with rice in Portuguese

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Another way of cooking shrimp for seafood lovers. Fragrant rice. Very well suited for any holiday table or just for everyday dinner.

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Ingredients for Shrimp with rice in Portuguese

Step by step instruction of cooking Shrimp with rice in Portuguese

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To heat heat olive oil under the cap pripuskaet roughly chopped onion and finely chopped garlic, add sweet pepper (can be frozen),

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Add the green peas. Simmer about 5 min.

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Then put the prawns, cover with a lid again

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And simmer until half-cooked shrimp (about 10 min.)

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Add very well washed rice, turmeric powder, pour water 500 ml or 2 faceted glass. Cover with a lid, allow water to boil.

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Add salt to taste.

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Again, tightly cover with a lid and when water is evaporated by about half, add a little champagne or white wine.

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Simmer until cooked rice.

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The dish should not be dry. A little water on the bottom of the pan should always remain.
Turn off the fire and serve immediately on the table.
In this way the cooked shrimp on the second day it is better not to leave the dish will lose its flavor. Serve very well-chilled Brut champagne or a dry white wine.

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Bon appetit!