Shortbread "Well"

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We all started with biscuits - two eggs, Cup of sugar, a pack of margarine... it Turns out that you can not only cut biscuit and pastry molds. More than twenty years ago came across this recipe and doing it almost every New Year. The holiday has passed, but winter goes on and the holidays will be enough ; -)

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Ingredients for Shortbread "Well"

Step by step instruction of cooking Shortbread "Well"

Шаг 1

Take 4 eggs, separated 2 protein in the fridge.
Whisk remaining eggs with 2 cups of sugar, add the soft (or melted) margarine, salt, soda and flour. Knead normal dough.
Divide all the dough into 28 portions.
Roll out each sausage with your hands with a length of 26 cm and put on a sheet (I baked 3 sheets).

Шаг 2

Put in oven: 180-200 degrees, until it will turn brown. Take out, let cool. If any of the sticks was broken - not a problem. Sometimes, wells are collapsing ; -)

Шаг 3

Get whites out of the fridge, add a little citric acid and 18 teaspoons of sugar. Whisk in the foam, so a little leaking. Then it will look prettier on the well.
Take a large flat dish. Spread the well, lubricating each stick white. Inside you can put a bottle of champagne to illustrate the dimensions of creation.
When serving, add a dish of candles!