Cakes "Winter's tale"

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Not for the sweet tooth. There are many options like something.. hepatic cakes and pancakes... I used to cook almost every holiday liver cakes (in childhood tried it for the first time at a wedding in Ukrainian village), has now decided to modify.... and asked me to post this recipe - cook CHAIN

Ingredients for Cakes "Winter's tale"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "Winter's tale"

Шаг 1

(or, as I did
in the chopper of the combine, there is a good all mixed)
liver,onions, raw 1 piece, and half of pre-fried carrots and onions in vegetable oil
add eggs raw, flour - approximately 3-5 spoons(tablespoons),milk
salt pepper and your favorite spices-I would say whisk
to fry this mass pancakes in vegetable oil

Шаг 2

cook garlic and mayonnaise, and the second half of the sautéed carrots and onions sauce, which we smeared with pancakes
cheese grate
tomato cut into rings (I got a large - half rings)

Шаг 3

on pancakes put a little sauce
put on top of the tomatoes

Шаг 4

again, a little smear of sauce and top with cheese sprinkle

Шаг 5

on top of the pancakes spread

Шаг 6

then again, sauce and cheese
and then decorate as your heart desires
I used for the roses salty cucumber - very tasty goes well with the liver, greens and mayonnaise on the edges of the past..

Шаг 7

so handsome look from the top

Шаг 8

can and on the table already!