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Looked at all the recipes on crackers, found similar but not the same. Did the first time you fill your prescription girlfriend. I liked very much. After a couple of days there will be guests, will make more.

Ingredients for Mini-"pizza"

Step by step instruction of cooking Mini-"pizza"

Шаг 1

Drying soak in milk (I left about 40 minutes)

Шаг 2

At this time, fry the mince in a pan with pripravki (I have a pepper red sweet petals, white pepper, turmeric, rosemary, ginger)

Шаг 3

When suchecki slightly melted, spread it over the pan and stuff each with stuffing

Шаг 4

Put a slice of tomato and a little mayonnaise

Шаг 5

Sprinkle all with grated cheese and put into a hot oven.
I was in there 10 minutes.