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In Iran and all countries that he had borrowed the kitchen, make the rice separate. The rice is cooked and the sauce to it - itself. And then at the table, the consumers themselves in the plate make the pilaf to taste - rice who more who meat))). But even this rice is a versatile side dish and are delicious incredibly. The recipe is from the book of Stalik hankishiev "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure"

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Again wash thoroughly and as carefully drain off water.
Here it is necessary to follow strictly: pour some drained, but not dry cereals. And it will crack and is not expensive (even from domestic producers more expensive basmati wild rice) the rice and chaff.
By this time we should boil water in a large saucepan. Per kilogram of rice the water should go no less than 4 liters.
Heavily salt the water and throw the rump. Cooking time is around 10-12 minutes so the rice was polorotov.
If soaked for a long time, it may be less, it is better to check periodically: the piece of rice caught and crushed between fingertips. At odds in half - ready, it is necessary to drain.
Recline in a colander and rinse with cold water. To do this it is necessary, and that he was under the influence of its temperature earlier than the time himself and cook a little longer in the cauldron will be a weakling

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Slightly heated the cauldron, spread the oil a couple of tablespoons and put it pita bread. I usually cut the sheet into 4 pieces and such "Daisy" do... And again put a couple tablespoons of oil. Suppose, too, disperse

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Spread the rice on cooked him a bed

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Then it is necessary to pour melted butter, but I it ended, I did a good cream. Is also very nothing turns, I can assure you

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Cover with tight-tight. I for this purpose the bowl is, goes into the cauldron about a couple of cm deep. Better to take an enamel, actually. If there is no bowl, then cover with something else to pin down. However, on the bowl you can put a large dish in which the rice will be served. At the same time and it warms up.
Keep an hour, no less, on a small fire.
Open, stir, serve!
Rice - light, shatters... And the pita bread on the bottom is fried and crispy so good...
Unusual side dish, and itself is a delicious food.
Bon appetit!