Turkey in cream

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For the first time in my life I decided to cook something from Turkey. I looked at a bunch of recipes. 100% did not fit either one. Thought and thought and did, taking into account many of the recipes. Not going to post on the site, so step-by-step photos did not. Was treated to this dish our two CHEFS. Both liked. Here's my version.

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The recipe is very simple. I had Turkey breast (from different parts), I've cut it into small pieces, pour the yogurt (I had 3, 2 % fat) and put in the fridge overnight to marinate. Yogurt completely covers the Turkey.

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The next day I took the Turkey out of yogurt, dried the slices with a paper towel, put in a baking dish, salt, popudrit nutmeg, pour cream (cream closed the Turkey half), top-sprinkled with dried Basil.

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Put on 40 minutes in an oven at temperature 180 – 200 degrees. That's all. The meat turned out niniejszym. The dish almost diet. Hope the recipe is useful to someone.

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On the side made the rice in orange juice. Shredded in a blender the onion, fry until transparent in vegetable oil. In a frying pan, poured a Cup of rice and slightly fry it together with onions. Salt. Then poured 2 glasses of orange juice from the package, closed the pan with a lid and left for 15 minutes to prepare. I really like this figure, but this dish is an acquired taste.