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Azerbaijan's national dish. The kind of dumplings that looks like fingers, a hearty dish served with yogurt (yogurt)and herbs will not hurt the garlic.

Ingredients for Gyurza

Step by step instruction of cooking Gyurza

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Then put the meat to the onions and lightly fry

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After you skip through a meat grinder, add spices

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Knead the dough[url]http://www s/show/12661/[/url] to not have scraps, cut at the beginning in little balls, after it was rasschityval in slice thickness 1 mm, diam.~5 see

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Ready stuffing put on the slices and wrap it so the seam was on top

Шаг 5

Type "pigtails" do on the suture and leave one end open

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Boil in salted boiling water until ascent to the surface, so ready. Gently, very gentle, recline in a colander or remove with a spoon with a slotted spoon.
When submitting GURZA put it on a plate, top if you have the stuffing, sprinkle with cinnamon. Separately matsoni with garlic. On top was sprinkled with dry mint.

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Prescription in the beginning:
Lamb with onion passed through a meat grinder, add salt, pepper, then fry in oil.
I love when the meat is boiled in the beginning.

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Fried onions