Chicken "Guest on the threshold"

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In each of our lives there are times when to prepare some hearty dish is necessary for a short time. That's just this recipe and I use it.

Ingredients for Chicken "Guest on the threshold"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken "Guest on the threshold"

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Take out of freezer chicken or chicken legs. Throws for 7-10 minutes in the microwave to defrost. Some men is able to carve the bird and nerasprodannye, but imagine that he meets, and strips of comfort.
Chicken (ham) unfreeze, cut into serving pieces (1 leg - 3 piece to faster preparing).

While the chicken is defrosted, you can do parallel or preparing salad, or side dish, or a tasty pie for tea.

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Add to the chicken ketchup, mayonnaise, pressed garlic, salt and spices.
Let experts say that mayonnaise is a cold sauce and when heated it is decomposed into components. We added mayonnaise added and will add.