Sarangani, "Dinner with the Italian"-2

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Very juicy, delicious and very simple dish, anyone probably will not surprise, it's what we love!!! Sarangani, stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms and chicken, sauteed mushroom in brine and sour cream... Very quickly!!!

Ingredients for Sarangani, "Dinner with the Italian"-2

Step by step instruction of cooking Sarangani, "Dinner with the Italian"-2

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Salangane, it is necessary to "spin" before cooking, so that they become higher in 2-2,5 times.

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All the ingredients are cut into cubes.

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Then fry in a pan with carrots and onions,
add the chicken and lastly the mushrooms.
Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with salt, given that stew will be in the brine.

Leave in a bowl to pickle mushrooms.

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Sarangani, put in a deep saucepan and fill firmly with stuffing, stretching further every when stuff.

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Mix the sour cream with the mushroom brine, pour this mixture, sarangani, then pour the BOILING water so that they were almost covered with water.

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Stew for 5 minutes over high heat with the lid open.

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And 5 minutes under closed. No longer need is the most optimal time.

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The water in the saucepan should remain, that is not all evaporate.
Now leave the pot open for another five minutes.

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I love the combination with the sauce "Marinara" or ketchup + mayonnaise.
Help yourself!