Apples "tissues"

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My first audition with puff pastry. Took the recipe from the culinary selections of "Sweets close up". It turned out yummy!!! If not immediately postponed his trial, then I would have not tried it, my grind on the double!

Ingredients for Apples "tissues"

Step by step instruction of cooking Apples "tissues"

Шаг 1

In a bowl, beat butter with sugar until the consistency of cream, dobavlaet raisins (dried apricots) and mix well.
Peel the apples, leave the stalks for decoration, remove serdtsevinka.
Fill the apples with the ground.

Шаг 2

Roll the dough to about the thickness of 2-3 mm.
Cut into 6 equal squares.
Wrap each Apple in a square of dough.
From scraps of dough make leaves and decorate with the apples, adding the stalks.