Homemade yeast dough

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Soft homemade rolls, pies with cabbage favorite, chamomile with sugar cakes for mother in law...

Ingredients for Homemade yeast dough

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade yeast dough

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2 sachets of yeast SAF-time and 6 table. spoons of sugar dilute in warm water (0,6-0,7 liters) in 15 minutes (after the formation of fluffy foam) pour this mixture into a large saucepan and knead the dough: eggs, flour, margarine, salt is placed at the end (of flour). Knead - not lazy, the dough should be soft. In an hour it increases 2 times, obtinem and after an hour we begin to roll out.
Unrolled the first sheet, then turned the oven on.
Finished rolling - put in the oven the first sheet. I have only one sheet, so are baked in different shapes and pans. Sheet in my oven baked 20 minutes.

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The photo of the scones with sugar cakes for husband cakes with cabbage for her daughter, chamomile for mother-in-law and bars to the soup.
And for me this leaf. The output is great.

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The dough rises very quickly and rises magnificently.

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Bake 2 times a week and save a lot of money. Well, the quality is, of course, you know, good. And you suggest!