Dumplings with cottage cheese

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As not eating meat, I love dumplings with cottage cheese... Share them with all of you :)))

Ingredients for Dumplings with cottage cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumplings with cottage cheese

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Knead the dough water a bit salt

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Cut out circles

Шаг 4

Roll them into thin layers

Шаг 5

Nadinochka: salt the cheese and mix with one egg

Шаг 6

Sculpt dumplings

Шаг 7

... first samipya edge...

Шаг 8

... and then connecting the corners.

Шаг 9

Cook them in salted water (lay, when the water has boiled)

Шаг 10

And You're Done! served with sour cream!

All a pleasant appetite!

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Daughter helped :)