Homemade pudding/Pudim caseiro

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Easy to prepare and very tasty pudding made with condensed milk. Portugal is one of the traditional desserts.

Ingredients for Homemade pudding/Pudim caseiro

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade pudding/Pudim caseiro

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Pour condensed milk in a deep bowl

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Do make milk (measure out 2 cans of condensed milk)

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Add eggs. Since I bought large, I added 6 pieces.
But the recipe requires 8.

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Beat with a mixer at low speed

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... until a homogeneous mass

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On the bottom of the form pour the caramel (2 tbsp).
But if it is not possible to buy a ready, you can cook yourself. On the bottom of the form pour the sugar (3 tbsp)

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Put the form on the fire so that the sugar has melted and turned caramel. Remove from heat and leave for a few minutes to cool (careful as the shape is very hot)

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Pour in the shape of our future pudding

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Then put the form with the pudding in a water bath in the oven on a medium heat (approximately 40 minutes - you can try on readiness: gently pry off with knife, should come off from the edges)

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I have turned out so well.