Meatballs stuffed with prunes, in aerogrill

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... tender, juicy meatballs with a slightly sweet flavor of prunes and cheese in the crust? I then had only dreamed of before! And now got together and COOKED!

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Ingredients for Meatballs stuffed with prunes, in aerogrill

Step by step instruction of cooking Meatballs stuffed with prunes, in aerogrill

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Here is the simple set of products that I used.

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For lack of money on "decent" pork bought chicken and without hesitation, stripped it from the bones. Played the stuffing with the addition of 2 large heads of onions. Have vymenila stuffing with the addition of 1 egg.

Pre-soaked prunes, cut strips (I probably stale and, therefore, it too soft!) and tomatoes cut washers.

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Have sformula cakes, inside each put the prunes, close up them out and immediately put on the grill (in flour and bread crumbs not roll).
On each chop put slices of tomatoes (and one would be enough!).
And turned on the convection oven for 20 minutes, the speed is high, the temperature is 205 degrees, the grid average.

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While they were fried, rubbed with melted cheese on a large grater (melted is taken out of savings is worth 1 piece/80 gram only 10 rubles, but you can Maasdam sprinkle!), sliced green onions

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And after 20 minutes all the chicken sprinkled it with cheese/onions.
And again, 20 minutes at the same settings.