Eggs in a frame

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Fried egg in a frame of bread. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.

Ingredients for Eggs in a frame

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs in a frame

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Cut out piece of bread crumb, leaving the crust with a width of 1 -1, 5 cm Fry one side in butter and to drive in the middle of the 1 egg (be careful with the yolk, not damage).

Шаг 2

To give the egg to set and gently turn.

Шаг 3

Finish roasting until desired readiness (in the nads, pouch, hard-boiled - who he loves).

Шаг 4

The crumb can be dried in the oven to use as croutons.

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Very simple and tasty. It is possible and customary to use the loaf, but the bread for toast is better.

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Bon appetit!