The soup in the oven

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Common soup, but one secret: he's not cooked on the stove, and languished in the oven.

Ingredients for The soup in the oven

Step by step instruction of cooking The soup in the oven

Шаг 1

Cut into serving pieces chicken. Put in the pot.

Шаг 2

Add grated carrot,

Шаг 3

Chopped onion, potatoes.

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Шаг 5

Then put it also in pot.

Шаг 6

Add a leaf Lavrushka and a few peppercorns.
Pour it all with water and put it in the oven. Slow cooked soup in the oven about two hours.

Шаг 7

Then I add a grated clove of garlic and turn off the oven. Leave in the oven, if possible, to cool off, so better it turns out. But you can eat immediately.