Croutons with chicken and tomato flavors

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These delicious crackers can be used for salads, to serve with soups, just to chew, or a beer. And it is very important that there are no dyes, flavorings and all other nonsense. And costs are minimal.

Ingredients for Croutons with chicken and tomato flavors

Step by step instruction of cooking Croutons with chicken and tomato flavors

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Cut bread cubes or strips.
If the bread is fresh and crumbly, send it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, slightly frozen bread perfectly cut

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For croutons with chicken flavor:
Meat cut into pieces, salt, sprinkle with spices (I Khmeli-Suneli).

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Fry meat in a skillet in a small amount of oil.
Ready put off meat and use for another dish, and in the pan put the bread, add salt and fry until Golden brown or until Golden brown (as you like).

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The meat with the crackers I always use for "Caesar".
It is better to fry the chicken juicy, while the taste of the crackers will be brighter.
You can use the released meat juices with the fat after roasting a chicken.

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For croutons with tomato flavor:
In a skillet fry in butter tomato paste with spices (I had Basil, sometimes I use seasoning),

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Spread the bread, sprinkle with salt, stir and fry until tender.