Meat in beer

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Honestly, the meat in the beer I didn't cook ever. Moreover, recipes, I have not seen, and perhaps met, but passed. Did the chicken in aerogrill on the beer, that is Leela in the bottom of the flask beer, but the chicken was on the grill. Recently decided to treat father-in-law freshly caught hare. I've figured out how to cook it, to which he shrugged and said that he has his own way of cooking meat: "Beer". Well, I guess I am not the boss. And the most stuck in my mind and scraped, it's like I'm this way don't know? It is not good. Father-in-law I did not call, I decided to improvise.

Ingredients for Meat in beer

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat in beer

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Any meat before cooking, I prefer to marinate. In the case of the photo, it is a hare. Marinated an hour 4 because the game. Lamb is enough for hours.
I marinate in soy sauce with spices, a little lemon juice. Any meat is always pierced with a thin knife. This time I added garlic and mayonnaise

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Take the marinated meat and grease it with a mixture of (who read my posts, since this compound is already familiar): 100 grams of olive oil + freshly ground black pepper + two large cloves of garlic from chesnokodavki + thyme (I used dry, fresh can).

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And with this mixture I put all the pieces of meat.

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The whole thing in duhovochku, until Golden brown.
This time I used a glass ovenproof pan for the oven

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Further, when slightly browned, the oven does not need us. Put this thing in a pressure cooker. There also put pre-cooked roasting (vegetables +tomato sauce). I have, in addition to the sauce was a red curry paste imported from Thailand. Paste tablespoon in the roasting. Fry the vegetables together with the sauce and pasta to the intoxicating scent and Golden shimmer