Chocolate ice cream

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Homemade chocolate ice cream with a lemon note. I want to say, those who do not like the combination of lemon and chocolate(!), lemon juice might add. At home I have my opinion of men was divided in two, husband loved, and the son said to him, this acidity is not very good, but everything else was OK, and asked for more lemon to put (and frankly, I am of the opinion son). I write at once as it is, the choice is yours. And the ice cream was VERY DELICIOUS!!!

Ingredients for Chocolate ice cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate ice cream

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Boil the cream with sugar and vanilla sugar on low heat for 20 min.

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Half of the chocolate to break into pieces. Add the chocolate and cook for another 10 min. to Cool and whip.

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The remaining chocolate to grate, add to the bowl with the cream.

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Beat the egg whites with the icing sugar and lemon juice.

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Proteins add to the cream with the chocolate and stir gently. Pour into a container and put in freezer for 3-4 hours, preferably overnight.

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