Medallions with bananas

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Long found in the Internet, but just got today. My children were very happy and I loved it. TRY!

Ingredients for Medallions with bananas

Step by step instruction of cooking Medallions with bananas

Шаг 1

cookies and nuts to grind in a food processor until fine crumbs

Шаг 2

part of the crumb,about half a Cup pour into a separate bowl and add coconut
mix(for obvalivanie medallions)

Шаг 3

in the rest of the mass of crumbs add the butter and condensed milk

Шаг 4

mix well(I Peretola with a pestle)

Шаг 5

banana peel and cut into medallions 0.5 cm thick
each locket stick with a mass of crumbs with condensed milk and butter as shown in photo

Шаг 6

then each medallion and roll in crumbs with coconut

Шаг 7

and put on a cutting Board
on the hour put in refrigerator to harden

Шаг 8

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