Cottage cheese and cream cake

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Cake of several layers , sponge Cake, Cheesecake layer, Chocolate mousse all under a cap of whipped cream. Perhaps you find that this cake will take a lot of time and the process time-consuming, nothing like the Time you are cooking will take , the same as any other sponge cake, and cook it simply

Ingredients for Cottage cheese and cream cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese and cream cake

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First bake the sponge cake .For the test shall pound the yolks with the sugar until white.Mix flour with starch and smeshaem with egg yolks.Proteins, beat separately in a cool foam and mix with the dough.Half of the dough pour into shape(I took the round 26 cm in diameter)and bake for 10 minutes at 220 . In the second part add cocoa.And bake the same way as the first sponge cake

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Sponge cakes are ready Start making cottage cheese For this Mix :Cheese +1 egg+3 egg yolks+butter+Sugar +vanilla .Pour in the same form (the Form cover with parchment paper)which was baked biscuit and bake for 30 minutes at a temperature of 240

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Cover with chocolate biscuit crust

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Chocolate layer:heat Cream ,put them broken into slices,the chocolate, continue heating until complete dissolution of chocolate and thick.Then completely cool the mass And whisk together with the softened butter .The cream should be thick and hold its shape(Zbivat 5-6 minutes)

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Decorate as desired.I whipped the cream in a cool persistent foam(8-10 minutes whisking)they Covered the cake.Sprinkled cocoa .You can garnish with fruit or berries

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Bon appetit!