Azerbaijani pakhlava

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Azerbaijani baklava without eggs. I wrote a detailed recipe as possible, with photos. Cook will not be difficult.

Ingredients for Azerbaijani pakhlava

Step by step instruction of cooking Azerbaijani pakhlava

Шаг 1

For the filling:

100g almonds
0,5 tsp - cardamom
0.5 tsp. - nutmeg
butter for lubrication layers

Шаг 2

For decoration:

1st.l.-sour cream
0.5 tsp - turmeric (can use saffron)
100g honey ( you can substitute caramel)

Шаг 3

Preferably in advance of the day to prepare the nuts:
Walnut to clean with boiling water, dip the nuts(after clearing the shell) in boiling water for literally a minute, after we take out the nuts one by one and remove ,carefully pulling the tape with bitter walnut ,and put them on a towel after cleaning.

Шаг 4

The nuts are white and without the bitter taste. But this process is very long, as the work is quite laborious , so if you have trouble , you can just fry them on the pan.Also fry the almonds in a frying pan. Then roast the hazelnuts in the pan so that the rough surface she starred in the roasting process. Keep in mind that when fried nuts, the process runs at high fire and must be frequently stirred.Hammer the nuts in a blender,coffee grinder ,meat grinder, or special equipment for nuts,so that they can be finely crumbled like sugar. Then mix all that with sugar and add spices.

Шаг 5

Take the dough and make 7 balls, 5 of which should be about 120g, and 2шарика - 220g. Pour the flour on the table and begin to roll out each ball using a rolling pin into a thin pellet, note that the balls that more needs to be slightly thicker, as one puff will be the lowest and the other the top and those that are less, will lie between.

Шаг 6

Spread out the last thick layer on the surface and gentle touch of a knife tip make a sketch of the drafting line in (3.5 cm distance between the straight horizontal lines 5cm-the distance between the lines diagonally) ,where then we will have in the end to cut the baklava. Divide the hazelnuts in half and stick into the center of each diamond. Stir sour cream with turmeric, it lubricates the surface of the baklava.

Шаг 7

Clocked the layer to the rolling pin, to make it easier to bring and spread out in the pan.

Шаг 8

Layer over filling.

Шаг 9

In a pre-heated oven 220S,put a tray of baklava in the oven for 15 mins Take out the baklava and a thin stream pour honey between the diamonds, where we cut and put in oven for 5 min. Be careful! Baking time depends on your stove, so rely on your discretion.

This is my personal recipe of baklava as the classic original recipe was modified by me.
Bon appetit!