Coffee Lime

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Oh, coffee you love... And although you drink in a day only 1 to 2 cups, still without it can not. Never skimp on coffee - buy a good grade of Arabica, but it still want variety... you Get to all sorts of impossible combinations (I'll tell you how the Union drinking coffee "Sovetski"); it happens that the taste is additionally so ennobled from the added ingredients that it seems some kind of new drink you consume...

Ingredients for Coffee Lime

Step by step instruction of cooking Coffee Lime

Шаг 1

It is best to use freshly ground coffee - 1 scoop per 200 ml of boiling water. Boiling water is a bit cool and brew in kopanice - my company "Bodum". Who loves cooking Turkish - Turk.

Шаг 2

Coffee add dry ground lime zest - 1/2 coffee spoon (ingredients are listed, that the tea, as there is no other suitable measures, but can be 1/2 teaspoon, if you like the flavor!).

Шаг 3

And third, the final stage - coffee infused or brewed, poured into cups and add lime juice and sugar to TASTE! I have a lime syrup: I made it once, when managed to very cheaply buy a bunch of limes and I had to use them. I cut limes into slices and poured the sugar until formed juice. The syrup was otsudila and lime slices dried in the oven...