Chicken in breadcrumbs

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the meat turns out very juicy and tender

for 8th of Marchfor birthday

Ingredients for Chicken in breadcrumbs

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken in breadcrumbs

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Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.
Chicken wash, dry and RUB with salt and pepper (optional garlic). Leave for 30 minutes to let the spices sink in.

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To break the egg into the bowl season with a little salt and add the milk. Stir well with a fork until smooth.
In one plate pour the flour in another and bread crumbs in 3 - grated cheese. Each piece of chicken dip them in flour, dip in beaten egg, then the cheese plate at the end and coat in breadcrumbs.

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On a heated with oil pan, put all the pieces and on medium heat fry both sides until cooked. Put the chicken pieces on paper towels to stack excess fat.

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From the top you can add a little bit of cheese. Bon appetit!