Cake "Chocolate and Mandarin"

156 - 180 минут 16 порции

Very tasty and tender cake, made for 6 months daughter...

for birthday

Ingredients for Cake "Chocolate and Mandarin"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Chocolate and Mandarin"

Шаг 1

beat the sugar with butter until white, then add one egg, continuing to whisk, add the vanilla and whisk.

Шаг 2

now mix the cocoa, flour, soda and baking powder.

Шаг 3

continue whisking on a low speed and then we pour the flour, the yogurt, and so until the end.

Шаг 4

preheat the oven to 180*C

Шаг 5

pour the batter into a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs form.

Шаг 6

bake 30 -40 minutes, the readiness check skewer, not sooner than after 25 minutes of baking.

Шаг 7

ready cake cool and cut into two parts.

Шаг 8

soak not necessary, and so it is wet.

Шаг 9

tangerines to open and drain the juice through a colander and the juice does not pour.

Шаг 10

dissolve gelatin in the juice, allow to swell.

Шаг 11

500 ml heavy cream whipped with 75 g of sugar until thick cream,
gelatin melt and mix with cream, add Mandarin oranges, stir.

Шаг 12

take the ring from under razumnoy shape of 22 cm, put the bottom cake, pour the cream on top, and top cake.

Шаг 13

whisk the remaining cream with sugar and fixative cream until it forms a cream and decorate the cake.

Шаг 14

chocolate to melt and pour into the bag for a sandwich, make a small hole, draw on paper for baking figurines and decorate the cake.

Шаг 15

the cake did not like the recipe and had the dough to break into crumbs and mix with cream and tangerines.
until I came out of the store, the kids tried and cut the cake
the cake was very tasty and tender cakes you can eat without cream, as did my small

Шаг 16

chocolate did pacifiers and bibs - one with the name of the daughter, on top of the roses and jewelry and chocolate.