Banana cupcake with cookies

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Girls, treat yourselves!!!! Well, a very delicious cupcake!!!! An excess of bananas in my house just killed me!!! Was born, thanks to the bananas, this amazing cupcake!!! And furthermore, it is also just!!!

Ingredients for Banana cupcake with cookies

Step by step instruction of cooking Banana cupcake with cookies

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Prepare ingredients: eggs, flour, baking powder, etc, etc. All my photo did not fit. See ingredients.

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2 bananas in a blender, separately as well in a blender biscuits. Set aside. The photo cookie is an integer.

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Prepare the batter: whisk eggs with sugar, add sour cream,melted margarine, semolina, baking powder, whipped bananas, brandy, flour and biscuits.

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All with a mixer, beat! (At the end is not much)

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Vykladyvaem all in the form. I now have a favorite silicone! A little chocolate left, so he put on top the slices.

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