Pesto sun-dried tomatoes

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Pesto sun-dried tomatoes, our family has become a daily dish. And smeared on bread and the sauces and various vegetable dishes added.

Ingredients for Pesto sun-dried tomatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Pesto sun-dried tomatoes

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Sun-dried tomatoes I do myself: 1 kg of fresh tomatoes get about 250 grams. Sprinkled them with olive oil, add Basil, oregano and a jar kept in the fridge. Thus, when you need another batch of pesto, half the work is already done.

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Pour the tomatoes with oil in a blender. Add the pine nuts (instead, you can add cheese, Parmesan). Amelicheva garlic and also toss in the blender. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper.

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When ready, turn on the blender.
In a few minutes can already try the finished pesto.

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If you want to make pesto, it was more liquid, you can add more olive oil.