My cakes

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Each family have its own way of cooking meatballs. Moreover, I am sure that the same recipe for two chef will still prepare different dishes. Maybe someone come in handy recipe for cakes that caught on in our house.

Ingredients for My cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking My cakes

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In forcemeat add the grated large carrots, semolina, grated onion, grated or chopped in the spadefoot toad garlic, sour cream, salt to taste. Knead the dough and "repel" his arm to full elasticity. The meat needs to "rest" in the cold for 7 minutes.

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Forming a small (a matter of taste) patties and fry them in hot oil.

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In a hot dry frying pan and lightly dried podrumyanivaya flour, add sour cream and whisk vigorously boiling mixture until smooth. Put in the sauce, salt and crushed garlic with chopped dill. Dilute the sauce with a small amount of boiling water until your desired consistency.

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Further options: either cutlets and cover with the sauce and serve immediately, or cover them with a little sauce and sent out in the microwave (under the lid) for 3-4 minutes.