Indian delicacy "Badam burfi"

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Today, as many centuries ago, Indian, treating person sweets thus expressed his gratitude, sympathy, respect for him or the joy and satisfaction. And what can you offer us? Purchase store-bought candies and chocolates with a bunch of chemicals? Better nothing to offer. But this one. And another, even more serious, because we eat these chemicals poison themselves and their loved ones. Saying "We," I am, in some way, referring to yourself, because, even just five years ago, I gladly ate store-bought candies and chocolates. Happy to introduce you to another of the Eastern (Indian) sweetness "Badam Burfi" - delicious almond treat!

Ingredients for Indian delicacy "Badam burfi"

Step by step instruction of cooking Indian delicacy "Badam burfi"

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To prepare this amazing miracle, we need very little. First and foremost, it is the almond, which needs to be peeled. To do this, soak 1 Cup of almonds in a Cup of hot water for 30 minutes. As soon as you fill them with boiling water, the skin will begin to burst, making a very nice sound hearing the sound. Very cool though, it happens every time. Probably depends on the freshness of the nut.

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After 20-30 minutes, the skin will become soft, and the nuts slightly swell.
Now they are very easy to clean. Push the skin with your fingers, and the nut will immediately fly to the other side of the kitchen, and the skin will remain on the fingers (just kidding).
In General, you will have to work a little with her fingers.

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When all the nuts are peeled, place them in a blender along with one Cup of sugar and a third Cup warm milk.

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Think all of this "ambiendura" that here was such "case-kneading", as in the photo.

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Now heat a pan and add one tablespoon of unsalted butter or better magical "GHEE", the recipe of which you will find here: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/234 13/

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Throw our "kesu-masu" in the melted butter and cook the whole thing on medium heat for 20 minutes, stirring constantly.
Make sure that the mixture does not start to burn. In which case, just lower the heat and continue to stir.

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After 20 minutes the mixture will thicken and it will be easy to keep up with the bottom of the pan.

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Put it on a tray or baking sheet greased with butter. Form a rectangle or a circle with a thickness of about one centimeter.

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After some time, Badam Burfi hardens and is easily cut into desired candy shapes.

Be happy and healthy!
Bon appetit!