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The recipe is the closure I've seen on the site, but in the DEP, except for those vegetables in the ingredients, add nothing! Zamu is possible to prepare the same fish, but one important - it should be tart, I wrote the recipe by which we basically preparing the people, instead of a lemon added as well branny tart brew, it is sold in stores, but some do and at home. Homemade noodles, we also sold, but some do it themselves, the recipe is simple - water+ flour+egg home so a yellow one was. Zamu we even served the next day after the wedding, is good for a hangover, we have it everyone knows, and it can even add greens such as leustean, but not everyone loves her because of a specific taste (just my her and don't like). Oh, forgot to write, some like to add finely chopped potatoes, but also not to overdo it, the soup light should be.

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