Easter cakes

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The dough turned out so delicious.. flavorful.. very sweet of him are good not only cakes, but also rolls, tarts, muffins... Congratulations to all the chefs happy Easter bright day!!!

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Ingredients for Easter cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Easter cakes

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In warm milk dissolve the yogurt (sour cream), yeast, add a Cup of sugar and Cup of flour, all stir well, let stand for 15 min. Turn the cap of foam.
To this mixture add the remaining powdered sugar with the egg yolks (room temperature), mix, add melted margarine+butter, add all the flavorings (cinnamon and grated nutmeg add just on the tip of teaspoon) + brandy or vodka. Gradually add the flour, only flour not to pour handfuls, and be sure to sift through. First, knead well with a wooden spoon, always in the same direction (clockwise). When the dough will have the consistency of very thick cream, spread it on the work surface, continue to knead, adding remaining flour.

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It is very important not to shift the flour, the dough should be slightly "floating" but not quite "float" slightly and slightly blurry))) Knead the dough always in the same direction, clockwise.

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After I added the last flour, kneaded 45min.

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Place the dough in a large container or divided into two containers, cover
clean cloth (towels, tablecloth) leave to "ripen".

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The first time will be doubled punch down, the second time - again to press down a third time to give a little to grow up and begin the baking process.
On the oiled surface of the table, put the desired amount of dough.

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Cakes with chocolate chips and nuts, the chocolate was black with brandy and milk with rum, and I advise you, the finished cake inside the whole was a smell of chocolate and its content, and even on top of the chocolate.. just beyond words.

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The chocolate on top of these bread-cakes, I was pohudeniya white glaze
(out of lemon juice, and sah. powder)

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Rolls with poppy seeds and cheesecake with forest berries
The dough turned out so delicious, flavorful.. very rich, but not heavy... and not dry, baked on Wednesday, but it is still the softest...