The glaze for the cake

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Maybe with this recipe I'm late, but I asked girls from the site recipe frosting to decorate the cake. Someone I replied to the PM, someone answered in the comments after the recipes of the cakes. And here to "close this thread" decided to post the recipes.

for Easter

Ingredients for The glaze for the cake

Step by step instruction of cooking The glaze for the cake

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To separate the protein from the yolk. Then whisk protein mixer in a solid foam, then gradually add the powdered sugar.

Mix it to a stable consistency. Quickly put the frosting on the cooled cake, as it hardens quickly! Quickly sprinkle top of cake with multicolored confetti.

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You will need powdered sugar and 1 Cup liquid (milk, water, lemon juice) - 2 tbsp

Take the powdered sugar and add milk (or water, lemon juice). The liquid is added little by little until a thick homogeneous mass.

All mix thoroughly until a thick sugar mass. Quickly put on the cooled cake, dries very quickly! Sprinkle colorful confetti on top for baking.