Battle with a hog

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This morning I made two discoveries - I'm off two jobs at once and in the sink revealed defrosted a piece of pork, wiry to the complete impropriety. And then I remembered yesterday's beef with Chinese celery from xsenia and was inspired to feat.

Ingredients for Battle with a hog

Step by step instruction of cooking Battle with a hog

Шаг 1

first, soak the mushrooms in warm salted water (in the photo they have an hour, swollen) for a couple of hours

Шаг 2

cut onion into rings, carrot sticks. Separately cut mushrooms; peppers, cucumbers and garlic.
Meat recline in a colander to stack the extra marinade.

Шаг 3

So, proceed, i.e., go on the attack... in Short - the fight!
Put the wok on a high heat, pour some oil and wait for haze, meanwhile, divide meat into 2 equal parts (a kilo of meat at a time wok not mastered).
So the smoke is - spread half of the meat, quickly cover with a lid and shake strongly a couple of times. Fry over high heat about 3 minutes or more stirring constantly, quickly scoopable liberated juice and save it. Shovel fried meat, add oil, and repeat all with the second half of the meat.

Шаг 4

again add a little oil, put the carrots and onions, after a minute, the mushrooms, sprinkle with salt and fry for three minutes stirring constantly.