Fish salad "Golden sun"

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One of my favorite salads.

Ingredients for Fish salad "Golden sun"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish salad "Golden sun"

Шаг 1

To process a fish (a salmon, saury separately).
The onion is very finely chopped.
Grate cheese on a grater.
Egg whites RUB on a medium grater.
At the bottom of the bowl to spread a little mayonnaise, sprinkle half of the onion.

Шаг 2

Put dismantled into small pieces of salmon.
Pour mayonnaise.

Шаг 3

Put half of grated cheese and again put mayonnaise on it.

Шаг 4

Put half of grated protein and also to water with mayonnaise.
Then again repeat the layers but instead of a salmon to put the saury.
On top of the salad, pour mayonnaise and sprinkle grated on a fine grater egg yolks.

Шаг 5

To give the salad to brew.
Tip: to ensure evenly on all layers to spread with mayonnaise, you need scissors to cut small corner from bag.

Шаг 6

This is one of my favorite salads.
Very tender and tasty.
I would be glad if he and you will like!