Fried champignons with mince

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The recipe is prepared in haste. Importantly, the fridge was the ingredients :)

Ingredients for Fried champignons with mince

Step by step instruction of cooking Fried champignons with mince

Шаг 1

Fry the onion until Golden brown

Шаг 2

Cut the mushrooms into thin slices.

Шаг 3

After the bow has zabolotivca, throw in the pan the mushrooms.

Шаг 4

Now waiting for the mushrooms too, will become a Golden color :)

Шаг 5

You can then add the mince.

Шаг 6

Add the soy sauce and how to fry.

Шаг 7

In the end all fall asleep grated cheese...

Шаг 8

... wait a minute.

Шаг 9

Food is ready :)