Light-salted cucumbers

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The recipe is my great grandmother. The site has a lot of recipes pickle, they apparently all delicious. But the pickles using a recipe my great-grandmother for me, most excellent! Try it and you will understand!!!

Ingredients for Light-salted cucumbers

Step by step instruction of cooking Light-salted cucumbers

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My cucumbers and fill with cold water, so leave them for 2 hours. Because of this, cucumbers are tverden.

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While the pickles soaked, we prepare the spices.
Peel garlic, cut into small pieces red pepper, peel the horseradish root and cut into slices.

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On the bottom of the pan lay out the first layer of spices.

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Spices spread on cucumbers. Pour spices. And so on.

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Prepare the brine - 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt (no slides) and they pour cucumbers.

Шаг 6

On top of the cucumbers, close the leaves of horseradish.
Speaking of hell: the more you put horseradish, the crisp will be cucumbers.
If I fill the cucumbers with hot water, they will be ready in a day, and cold for three days.

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Enjoy! Bon appetit!