"Liver in sour cream"

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Ingredients for "Liver in sour cream"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Liver in sour cream"

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Liver (beef, lamb or pork) washed, cleaned of films and bile ducts. Cut into slices, sprinkle with pepper, roll in flour and fry in a skillet with butter.

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Then put in a shallow pan, add onion, finely chopped and pre-toasted, sour cream, juice from the frying pan where we fried the liver and one Cup of meat stock or water. Close the pan with a lid and simmer on low heat 25 min. -40

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Slices of liver ready to lay down on the dish.

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The sauce is obtained by quenching salt, pour over the liver and garnish with parsley.

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For a side dish you can serve grilled or boiled potatoes, or pasta.

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Bon appetit!