Dovga Baku

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Azerbaijan's national dish. Sour-milk soup, not in the sense of sour, and made with kefir (sour milk). Refreshing, light. Healthy dish, its a very good serve after a heavy meal. There is an option Dovga with meat and peas, prefer without these components.

Ingredients for Dovga Baku

Step by step instruction of cooking Dovga Baku

Шаг 1

Greens, wild mint

Шаг 2

Cilantro, mountain cilantro (Doug Kesner), dill, etc.
Well my greens to drain the water

Шаг 3

Chop tops, sorrel, spinach stripes

Шаг 4

Make in a large pot, because so many dairy products. It is desirable to take a pot with thick bottom

Шаг 5

Put dairy products in a pot,
the egg, stir

Шаг 6

After the flour, stir with a whisk to avoid lumps

Шаг 7

Fill with boiling water (you can pour the broth) and fill it with rice, put on fire, cook to a boil first, and then until the rice is tender on high heat, but stir (wooden spoon) so that the rice will not stick to the bottom, and most importantly, NOT CURLED.
For this dish requires a bit of patience and time)))

Шаг 8

After the rice is cooked, turn down the gas gas
fall asleep chopped fresh herbs

Шаг 9

You still need to continue to stir))

Шаг 10

Add a knob of butter, if filled with broth, oil do not have to put.

Шаг 11

And at the end put a dry mint.
While cooking, in any case, do not salt Dovga and only when it has cooled, add salt to taste. Much salt not to put, because the greens also has the ability to "release" his salt.