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Right dish I think is called "Hunan", but in the European manner, many call him "Mrs". Recipe for those who love dishes such as manti, khinkali, or. To prepare is very simple. Especially when the family loves dumplings. Sometimes you just don't want to mess with them, every sculpt, and here unrolled layer, put the stuffing, roll wrapped, and voila, in an hour all full and happy. Can be served with different sauces to make different toppings, and most importantly no need to mess with the test. Try it, I think you will like it.

Ingredients for Mrs

Step by step instruction of cooking Mrs

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2 KNEAD THE DOUGH. To break the egg into the water, put the salt, all thoroughly mixed. In flour make a well and gradually add the liquid to mix it up. The dough should be cool but soft enough otherwise it will tear. When the dough is ready, butter grate and literally RUB it into the dough. This will give the dough elasticity. I always add a bit of butter in the dough such as dumplings and noodles.

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3 Table pagpalit flour. Divide the dough into 4 parts (the number of tiers in your steam pot). Each part roll out very thin. The thinner, the better and sweeter turn out in the end your Mrs. Stuffing season with salt, divide into 4 parts, one part is to put on a layer and roll into a loose roll.

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4 Tier butter to grease, to pass on to him your loaf. All the tiers add to the pot. THE WATER SHOULD ALREADY BOIL. Cover and cook without opening the lid for 1 hour.

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5 Ready Aliyeva cut, put on a dish, pour melted butter, sprinkle with herbs and red pepper. To the table to apply a variety of sauces. In this case, the thick yogurt that squeezed 1 clove of garlic. Also, a nice thick tomato juice, type J7 chopped cilantro, dill and garlic, it turns out very tasty.