Cookies with chocolate and berries

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"Silver Line to the delight of the children"

Ingredients for Cookies with chocolate and berries

Step by step instruction of cooking Cookies with chocolate and berries

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RUB the butter, sugar and vanilla sugar.

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Add eggs, stir.

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Add baking powder, flour and knead the dough.

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To lay a paper for baking form (I have a size 20x30 cm), spread on top of the dough, flatten (edges slightly raise).

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Cover the dough with baking paper, pour on top of beans/peas, not to deform the crust and evenly done. Put in preheated to 180 degrees oven. Bake for 20 min.

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Chocolate melt in a water bath, put on warm cake, flatten and leave to cool until fully cured. After cut into squares and decorate.