This pilaf

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All the secrets of pilaf. This Pilaf in Uzbek has a lot of secrets in cooking technology. Here I bring these secrets. Vyznat hereditary Uzbek. Very tasty! To bother you will be 45 -50 minutes, then he had independently prepared the hour and half hour endurance in a blanket (fans of the classic approach). We can not stand, eat immediately )))

Ingredients for This pilaf

Step by step instruction of cooking This pilaf

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Secret # 2: the ratio of meat : carrots : onions = 1:1:1!
I do chicken thighs I cut into 4 pieces, plus the whole lower leg. For example, here are 2 femur + 3 tibia.
Get 3 identical bowls and measure 1:1:1 by volume, grams do not pay attention.

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Secret # 4: Sirvac cook on high heat, approximately 20-30 minutes.
Half the time without lid and stir.
Half the time under cover, occasionally stir.

Best pan - thick cast iron or thick cast iron cauldron. Cover - tight.
Be careful with the power of fire, if you have a gas stove, they are usually more powerful than the others. Try.

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Secret # 7: for 5-10 minutes until cooked on top and stick the garlic cloves - peeled (a 5 min. until tender) or in the peel (10 min.).
Pilaf is ready.
To improve the taste, wrapped in a blanket and withstand 30-60 minutes.