Apple chutney (sauce)

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Once the chutney :)only now out of apples!!!And also very tasty and spicy :)With chicken is just delicious!!!

Ingredients for Apple chutney (sauce)

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple chutney (sauce)

Шаг 1

oil to be heated (in a pot)ginger,cinnamon,cloves,finely chopped chili pepper

Шаг 2

apples cleaned and cut into small cubes
add to the skillet to ginger

Шаг 3

add turmeric and stir

Шаг 4

add the anise and water (on medium heat for all cooking)

Шаг 5

salt and Pochereth

Шаг 6

it came out like a puree

Шаг 7

And if you cook the chicken in its own juice and without any spices and sauce, it turns out very tasty! Bon appetit!