Dinner lazy women

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Is it possible, half a day to chat away with friends and have time to cook dinner? Quite possible!!! Before my friends and take my kids to kindergarten and to and chat, and things to make homemade to make, just first went to Ira, then to Alla... then to me, and I had time to catch up, and to clean, to eat and to cook!! Those days were in the distant past... And today I wanted to talk and I had dinner to cook. So I decided to remember good old time!!!

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Boiled easy to miss twice through a meat grinder. Add a light in the meat stuffing always come out juicy and tasty. And light cheaper than meat so that even more economical goes. You can use only easy, also delicious and economical.

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So here we have the stuffing. While it cools, I can brew coffee, one friend had already arrived.

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The process of making the dough is not removed.
Mix warm yogurt with sugar, salt and butter, add flour mixed with dry yeast. Knead the dough. And to put it up.
The finished dough roll out the layer about 0.5 cm thick and spread our stuffing, crush with your hands or a spoon, sprinkle the pie with grated cheese, the cheese will bind the filling and cutting the cake will be easier. Though it is possible to do without cheese.
The remains of the meat filling men neat pogledat from the pan. Pie you only have to put in the oven!

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I managed to have enough communication thoroughly, wash clothes, of course, not I, but the washing machine but the result is visible and hangs beautifully in the yard. Built a salad to our pastry from fresh cucumber, lettuce, green onions and garlic with sour cream.

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And made jam from dandelions prescription scullion Miss (Lord, make me the author name of the recipe is not mixed up). Her huge and special thank you! Honey - just no words! Now the season is of dandelions, cook, girls, suggest hot!