Lemon jam

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It turns out that to find lemon jam is not so easy. And to make it the most very easy!!!!!!

Ingredients for Lemon jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon jam

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I was making jam from one lemon, weighing about 150 g. Even I took on one lemon 300 ml of water and 450 g of sugar.

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Lemon rinse and cut into thin slices. Can smaller than I did, but I love to use these as candied slices and add to the cheese cakes, pastries. Remove the seeds, otherwise the jam will be bitter.

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Lemon slices to put in an enamel bowl, pour water and leave for a day.

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A day cooking lemons under the cover up until the peel starts to razdvoitsya fingers. Then add sugar and boil for another 20 min.

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After that pour jam in a clean, dry jar and put the jar in hot water to cool.